Large stock in Ski, Snow and Snow Blade equipment. Always top brands and in a perfect state of use.
Choose according to your needs and have the peace of mind of having everything prepared with qualified teachers that will adapt to any age and level in private and collective classes.
"This is all the queue you will do before going on the slopes ". € 0 of management fees and same fare as at the station. Everything prepared upon arrival.

Here is where your classes begin

Choose according to your needs and you will have the tranquility of having your classes and your equipment ready for when you arrive at the resort.






Regardless of the brand, the best is the one that suits your physical and technical characteristics, the one that suits you best according to your skiing style. With boards is the same.

Absolutely not! In the design of a ski it is involved, as well as many other things, two major factors: the geometric parameters and mechanical parameters, if we cut them, all related to the behavior, gravity center, rotation, elastic response, pressure distribution, etc. would be lost, skis would not work for nothing.

It depends on several factors, mainly the use and the status of the snow days.

If we ski on "dirty" snow with strange particles such as sand, pebbles, etc. a few freshly made corners can last us very little and it is possible that at the end of the day we will already have them rounded and with very little grip, otherwise, with "clean" snow these same corners will keep their benefits much longer. We should also bear in mind the rust factor, dry skis properly before storing them.

According to the rules, whenever you use your skis or your board, but everything depends on your conscience.

On these issues, there are no exact numbers, but they should be when we begin to notice that they lose benefits, you have to take into account that corners in bad status, a concave or convex soles, or deteriorated, create serious problems to initiate and maintain the ideal line of the curve, especially in conditions of hard snow or ice which leads to loss of control and an unpleasant feeling of insecurity , creating authentic dangerous situations in moments where we must react quickly and accurately to avoid possible accident.

There are no exact numbers, but if the person who do it is a good professional, it can be many times.

Skiing is a funny and familiar sport, since normally is transmitted from parents to children. The age to start learning to ski is 5 years. According to Jordi Sapena Grau, coordinator of the pediatric emergency room of Centro Médico Teknon, Barcelona: "You should not start skiing before four or five years old, since the child does not begin to develop their psychomotor abilities until 3 or 4 years. An early practice of the white sport would be a risk for the child".

At the beginning it is very important to teach him with someone who doesn't have any emotional involvement with him and also that makes it with more children. Children's ski courses with specialized monitors tend to be the best option so that the child learns with total safety. And, above all, the first requirement to carry your child to skiing lessons is that he wants it. You can motivate him, but never force him, it must be a game and not an imposition.



Mulhacen Ski is a synonym of Sierra Nevada, pioneer in the Nazarí Ski resort since 1995, with reference in material and human quality, where the customer is the engine of success.

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Nowadays, the Mulhacen Ski brand is well-known, today we are approaching more to the customer, to their needs, to the digitization of the services, and social networks, having the client as protagonist of our target.

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