Maintenance and repair workshop

We offer a comprehensive service for your material to offer you again the same sensations and quality. A team of professionals that will garantee you a perfect set-up.

A perfect set-up for your equipment!

The experience both at the competition level and in the leisure ski, led us to the conclusion that there is a significant lack of information regarding the repair and maintenance of ski equipment.

It is really a much more accurate work than you can imagine, since they involved factors as diverse as meteorology, the skiing level, the physical condition of the skier, the physico-chemical properties of the materials used in the construction of ski equipment...

Combining all these factors we can reach a proper customization of everything to ensure our safety, progression in our level of skiing and of course our fun.

The range of workshop we offer includes all kinds of repairs, maintenance and preparation of skis, adaptation of boots and works for competition skis (structure, angle and edge sharpening customization, waxed...)


Repairing skis

We prepare all your material to help you have a great ski season. Have your skis in perfect condition.

Replacement of cleats

Using the boots, the soles have attrition on the toe and heel side. Change the cleats of your favorite boots.

Rectified ski soles

It improves the soles of your skis or snowboard making an injection of ski soles.

Sharpening of edges

To rotate correctly you must have your edges in the best possible status. Do not neglect safety in skiing.

Repair of hooks

Improve safety keeping the hooks of your ski boots in perfect condition. Your foot will be saved and sure.

Repair snowboards

Specialized repair of snowboards. We will leave your board perfect to slide through the snow.

Waxed ski soles

Wax the soles of your skis or snowboard to keep them in perfect condition. They will slide as if they were new.

Ski boots repair

Repair your ski boots to be able to practice your favourite sport safely. We will leave them as new.

Ready for skiing!

If you already have the full equipment, you are ready for skiing.

Do you need to repair your skis or your snowboard?
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Maintenance and repair workshop
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