1 Periodic disinfection and cleaning:
All our material and facilities are disinfected to ensure proper disinfection.
2 Mandatory mask and disposable material: Our staff will always be equipped with approved masks, and it will be mandatory for customers within our facilities. Use of free individual, disposable boot socks and helmet covers.
3 100% cancellation without expenses:
You can cancel your orders up to 24 before your arrival. At no cost to you. (Except ski passes). At Mulhacen Ski the priority is always the customer and today more than ever offering you a guarantee of hygiene and disinfection is essential for us and our customers.

For any questions or suggestions, please contact us through the following email: info@mulhacenski.com. Thank you!!

F.A.Q. or what is the same "Questions and Answers"

We all have doubts, that's why we solve them with these simple questions and answers


Skis and boots must be adapted to your level. Good gloves and good glasses are vital. Warm up, but without going over and there is no need for a helmet, there are even beautiful ones.

If you want to avoid vices, progress quickly and without problems, go to a monitor, in our stations there are excellent professionals.

Learn at your own pace, avoid accidents and injuries and enjoy much more each descent.

Four or five hours of skiing may be more than enough for a beginner and even an expert. Do not demand 100%, down a track without strength can be very dangerous.

Always respect the advice of station workers, whatever their job. They are professionals who care, above all, for your safety. Do not ignore their advice, suggestions or hint indications.

Check out the map of the station before starting the day. Try to always control the place you left and a clear idea of ​​how to return to him if you do not want to take a scare, because the ski lifts do not usually delay its closure.

There is always the possibility that some unexpected situation may occur, so it is much safer to never ski alone.

Follow the rules of the station and respect all the indications you find on the slopes, they are created for your safety. Also respect the other skiers, think that even if you have paid a ski pass, the station is not yours.

It is convenient that you make your reservation as early as possible, to make sure you have a place where you want. You have to know that the snow season is short, the dates are often conflicting and each time there is a larger audience. Book as soon as possible, so you don't run out of places.

You must enter it on the first page of our engine, in the section: Do you have a specific promotional code?

The poles are included in all our ski offers.

The rental parks of our stores are important enough and diversified in sizes to equip all customers without difficulty. Our priority is your comfort and safety. You will not have to pay any supplement at the store if the category of the material finally rented does not match the one you reserved. However, if you have made a mistake in the category, do not worry call us and we will correct it.

When booking a Children's offer online, you will have the possibility to include a helmet. Following the recommendations of mountain doctors, we strongly advise you to rent a helmet to offer your child the best possible protection.

The illnesses and accidents that occur to one of the people who rent the material, as well as the closing of all the ski lifts of the station, are the only reasons that give the right to a refund. No exceptions will apply to this principle.

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